Wellness Coaching

 Who will benefit

Wellness is, at the bottom line, about personal growth.  If you want to reclaim balance in your  life;  adopt a  healthier lifestyle; practice mindfulness; manage stress, address work or career challenges, focus on your  personal or professional development, strengthen your relationships or experience higher levels of fulfilment and personal life satisfaction, then you may benefit from Wellness Coaching.

As a Coach I guide the client to identify the aspects of their life that feel out of balance and support them to prioritise the areas they wish to focus on or change

The client is supported to:

Establish their Wellness/Lifestyle Goals

Identify and Address Obstacles to Wellness or Lifestyle Change

Track and Review their Progress

The Wheel of Life Satisfaction

A starting point in building your Personal Wellness Foundation is to identify your personal satisfaction with key areas of your life, and identify if there are any areas of your life that feel out of balance or that may need attention.

Click on the resources page and download ‘The Wheel of Life Satisfaction’ tool to rate your personal level of satisfaction in key areas of your life.

This is Your Time to Blossom 

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If you would like to avail of one to one Wellness Coaching, contact Anne Marie at info@wellLifeJourney.com or 087 9192847.

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