Well Life Journey Coaching Services-Building Your Personal Wellness Foundation


Well Life Journey Coaching Services advocates ‘Wellness as a Way of Life’ and supports individuals to build the foundation for wellness, healthy lifestyles and higher levels of personal fulfilment.

Nowadays people lead exceptionally busy lives and are under pressure to do more, to have more, to achieve more and to give more. This constant pressure is eroding people’s health and wellness, and many feel powerless to change their situation. 

I have seen first-hand, how health and wellness coaching empowers people to re-claim their personal power, adopt healthier lifestyles, and achieve higher levels of wellness and personal life satisfaction.

Through Well Life Journey Coaching Services I provide the following services:


Wellness Coaching
Wellness Workshops
Lifestyle and Personal Development Talks


Email: Contact Anne Marie at info@wellLifeJourney.com or call 087 9192847

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