Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual groups/clubs/organisations/workplaces/communities

Who will benefit

Those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, improve their diet, increase physical activity, practice mindfulness, manage stress, improve their overall health and wellness and who enjoy being part of a group.

Clubs/Community Groups committed to promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles among its members

Schools/Colleges who recognise the importance of building the foundation for wellness and healthy lifestyles among children and young adults

Organisations/Employers who are committed to supporting workplace wellness and who recognise the link between a well workforce and improved performance

Participants will have the opportunity to:

Duration: 2 hour, ½ day and full day Wellness Workshop options are available to groups of 5 or more.   Each session includes a combination of power point presentations, practical exercises and group discussion.

This is Your Time to Blossom

Contact us

If you are interested in a Wellness Workshop for your School/College/Club/Group/Organisation/Workplace or Community, contact Anne Marie at info@wellLifeJourney.com or 087 9192847.

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